Safety Training Saves Lives-This time a member of Local 558

You start the morning by waking up earlier than most, tired from the day before, lace the boots up and head into work like you do everyday. It's a daily process that only a certain individual can do. On top of all this hard work that every member does on a daily basis, there's classes offered (first aid, CPR, OSHA 10/30, hoisting and rigging, fall protection, etc.) that members don't get paid for, just simply attend the classes to make themselves a better skilled craftsmen. 

The morning of October 2nd, started off the same as any other day, except Brother Ray Rockwood would have a life changing moment. Brother Rockwood was on the job, and had a heart attack. With members of District Council 3, Glaziers Local 558, trained and quick to respond stepped in and now Ray is in stable condition, and is more grateful than ever for the training offered by IUPAT. Construction trades are harder now than ever on each worker's body. There are so many safety training classes offered by every Union. Please take this of a celebration and a warning. It only takes a few hours to learn how to save someone's life. Training is part of what makes us the best of the best. BE THE BEST. Everyone deserves a BOLD FUTURE!

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