Nicki Topping, LU 2012



Nicki Topping, Commercial Painter, Local 2012 Nicki has been a union painter since 2007 before that she worked at a fire and water restoration company barely making any money or benefits. Nicki wanted a career and security for her family. She wanted a place where she would be paid equally for doing the same work as her male counter parts. She found all of that and more as a member of the IUPAT.  

“I may be small but I am mighty, when I walked into the Builders Association for the first time, it was something I wanted to be a part of, it was bigger than me. I've had opportunities that I never would have had non-union. I've had special training and feel confident stepping on to any job site. The union has also allowed me to give back to this world, I have started a mentoring program with local women prisoners with the full support of my union. My union supports the dreams I have, they provide leadership opportunities and the skills to hopefully change someone's life.

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