Just what the heck happened this week in the Missouri Legislature?


Filibusters, rule breaking, votes, scandals and resignations...

oh boy.  

The Missouri General Assembly had a very bad week.



And so we prepared for the vote on HB 116 (Right to Work) on Tuesday, we knew that it was coming and we knew that the Corporate Forces in favor of this legislation were just warming up.


On Monday hundreds of Labor members flooded the capitol to make their voices heard.  The Senate Committee on Small Business, Insurance and Industry held a committee hearing on Monday night where opposition out numbered the proponents for this legislation about 200-1.  The bill was passed out of committee on a 5-3 vote with 2 Democrats and 1 Republican voting against the measure.


Tuesday morning began with hundreds of Union members gathering in the upper galleries of the Senate to watch the debate on the bill. 


The Democrats as well as 4 Republicans voted against the procedural tricks to kill the bill.  Ultimately the bill was passed and then on Wednesday it was passed in the house with the Senate amendments including one that would make it a class c felony for employers to operate a closed shop (already against the law).  

During the debate in the Missouri House on Wednesday news broke that the Speaker of the House was involved in a sexting scandal with a freshman intern. By Thursday afternoon John Diehl had stepped down from the Missouri House.

The session which normally ends with a bang, this year ends with a whimper.


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