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I want to take this opportunity to talk about our Health and Welfare fund. Ten years ago the trustees of both Local Unions (558 & 2012) H&W worked very hard to merge the two funds with a new plan design that would be beneficial to all participants. The new plan has worked with no increases less one year of a .42 cent increase and that was due to an unprecedented utilization of the fund in all categories. 

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They Want To Destroy Us, We Will Fight Back

"I will stand with my brothers and sisters, I will fight with them."

Will you?

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Legislative Update Feb 10, 2017

What has happened?

February 6 Right to Work is signed at 9:30

February 6 We fight back. Citizen’s Veto filed at noon.

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Legislative Update Jan 27,2017

Policies enacted in city halls, county courthouses, state capitols and Washington D.C., matter.  They matter to us in the Trades and they matter to the non-union work force as well.  

Our democracy is hard, it is messy, it is ever changing and it is beautiful. There is no place quite like it on earth, but we must remain ever vigilant.

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Young Lions Bowling Event!


 Join us for fun with our District Council Brothers and Sisters!



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National Building Trades Legislative Conference

Last week Delegates from District Council 3 and the IUPAT met with delegates from all over the country to learn more about the legislative opportunities before us in Washington and beyond.



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Our Public Sector Brothers and Sisters Are Under Attack!


Extreme politicians in Jefferson City are moving quickly on a bill—called paycheck deception—to silence the voices of nurses, teachers and other working people in our state.

Despite what those extremists will tell you, this bill is simply a political attack being pushed by out-of-state millionaires and billionaires. It would make it harder for nurses, teachers and other working people who make our communities strong to bargain for better equipment, safer workplaces and fair pay.

The House already passed this dangerous legislation with just enough votes to override a veto from Gov. Jay Nixon (D), and the Senate is expected to vote on it today. But it’s not over yet. We still can defeat this bill, but we need to shore up support from your senator.

Dial 855-626-6011 now to call your senator and and tell them to vote NO on the unfair and unnecessary paycheck deception bill.

Despite a huge push from out-of-state billionaires and their out-of-touch politician pals in Jefferson City, we were able to stop paycheck deception last year. But they’re back with a vengeance this year and lobbying harder than ever.

They know that if they get this bill passed, they can grab more power away from working people in Missouri by limiting our ability to advance legislation that would create good jobs and raise wages for Missourians.

Even though extreme lawmakers were able to get the bill passed last week in the House, we still have a shot to stop it—but only if we call now to tell our senators to oppose it.

Tell your senator to oppose paycheck deception because it will hurt our families and communities.

In Solidarity,

Mike Louis 
President, Missouri AFL-CIO

Daughter of Local 2015 Member Awarded Scholarship

Congratulations to Jessica Cobban, recipient of the 2015 S. Frank "Bud" Raftery Scholarship Award Central Region. Jessica is tge daughter of Local 2015 Member Matt Cobban and is a freshman at Missouri State. 



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Safety Training Saves Lives-This time a member of Local 558

You start the morning by waking up earlier than most, tired from the day before, lace the boots up and head into work like you do everyday. It's a daily process that only a certain individual can do. On top of all this hard work that every member does on a daily basis, there's classes offered (first aid, CPR, OSHA 10/30, hoisting and rigging, fall protection, etc.) that members don't get paid for, just simply attend the classes to make themselves a better skilled craftsmen. 

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Just what the heck happened this week in the Missouri Legislature?


Filibusters, rule breaking, votes, scandals and resignations...

oh boy.  

The Missouri General Assembly had a very bad week.



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