BMST Reprt March 2015

We continue to find the manpower for drywall finishers for the work that is projected to start or that has already started. Myself, Dan Hink and a rep for the Carpenters UNION met with KC Kansas community college that has an introduction to construction course that introduces a student to construction as a whole but does not go to the depths that a certified apprenticeship does to train the student. It was a very good meeting that I believe will lead to opportunities to get manpower in the future. We have been invited to the next board meeting and a chance to speak with the students to let them know that we have opportunities for a career in the IUPAT. On this same topic John Tompson and I had a meeting with E&K that addresses their issues to man the jobs that are currently being performed.

We had 2 trustee meetings and getting closer to getting caught up with the current month.

KBT funds meeting both Pension and H&W, the Pension continues to baffle me why this particular fund refuses to take action on things that are happening that affect it, but we will continue to voice our concerns. I attended 2 BM/ST meetings with the Construction Building Trades. 1st meeting was the regular meeting and the 2nd was to hear the 2 finalist in our efforts to hire a 3rd party marketing firm to get the word out to the public as to what a UNION is and what we do. The firm that has been chosen is O’Neill Marketing and event management, Inc.

They had a great presentation and it is the belief from the Building Trades Business managers that with their help we will be better return on investment as a group than in the past as each trade going it alone. Collections continue to go well with the exception of one National Contractor that I have limited power to take the actions available to me on our locally signatory contractors. I have also been forced to take legal action on benefits and file a grievance with the IUPAT for action on wages from a second National contractor. I also had the privilege of attending our retirees’ luncheon here at the council, they had a chili dinner with a nice turnout of retired members from all DC#3 Local Unions.


BYLAWS! The bylaws committee met for 2 long but productive meetings where we used the model bylaws sent from the IUPAT. There has been a huge misconception as to what we have done with these bylaws as a committee, it is the interpretation of the membership that we were all about increasing our wage while for the last few years the membership wages have remained stagnant or even reduced for pension contributions. Every 5 years there is a General Convention held by the IUPAT where resolutions are discussed and voted on by the delegates of the convention from every District Council. From those resolutions come the Constitution of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, from that the General Executive board creates a set of model bylaws that are to be followed by the District Councils for their

committees to go by with a couple of fill in the blanks spots and some A,B,C choices that can be used by the committee that best suits their Council. Section 124 paragraph (a) states that will in no way conflict with this constitution. All District Council bylaws shall conform to the model bylaws for the District Councils published by the General Executive board. Sec. 140 (c) The Business Manager/ Secretary­ Treasurer shall receive a weekly salary no less than sixty (60) hours pay at the highest collectively bargained hourly wage rate set forth in the District Council


area labor agreements. This provision may only be waived upon the approval of the General Executive Board. At the bylaws vote the membership believed that this was something new and created out of spite or greed of the leadership of the council, could not be farther from the truth. This section has been in effect since the 1999 General convention and followed by the previous 3 BM/STs of DC#3. The only change from the 2010 bylaws on this topic is that we removed the sixty hours of benefit contributions and reduced them to a straight forty hours. The committee also thought that the directors of the Council should receive forty eight hours vs forty hours for the additional work and responsibility that they incur, this was received very badly! Lastly the

.25% of dues checkoff to be added in January of 2016 was going to be used for the Presidential election. If we lose the Presidency to the republicans you can be sure that national right to work will happen, that would not only devastate our way of living it will be the end all to UNIONS of all trades. The committee will reconvene without me in the room to try to fix the issues that so

many seem to be against and then they will present what they come up with to be voted by the membership.


General Presidents Advisory Committee (GPAC) was held from the 20th to the 27th of this month. This is where the BM/ST’s of the 32 District Councils meet with the General Executive Board to be reviewed on the previous years performance and for direction for the upcoming year as well as report out on the state of our UNION. General President (GP) Kenneth Rigmaiden reported on the recently held LMCI and FTI board of trustees meetings and recently held SSPC conference and moving forward the IUPAT agenda of growing membership,

increasing market share and impacting the industries and the need for our contractors to be true industry partners. GP Rigmaiden also reported on discussions with the FCA on the finishing industry forum, third party certification for our industries and the importance of expanding training if needed to meet industry needs, but reiterated that this isn’t a substitute for poor planning. He reported on the operational review of the LMCI office and the evolving changes within the department and commented on an upcoming operational review of the FTI office. He commented on the need to move forward to continue to meet the needs of our industries and that he is looking for good ideas from wherever they come as long as it benefits growth to the “Bold Future Numbers” of 30,000 new members by the next General Convention. Other topics discussed was an update on CAS, Governmental affairs, Service Representative curriculum, Job Corps, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA), Multiemployer property trust, Curtain Wall Certification, PAT­VP, (CORE), NACE update, LMS/IMSe, Organizing and Immigration. Very busy week but as always it is good to meet with other BM/ST’s of the IUPAT to pick their brains for different ways of moving our Council forward.


Respectfully Submitted Todd Doree





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