Alan Gorsh, LU 2012


Alan Gorsh, LU 2012

Alan has been in the Painters since 2010. Both of his grandfathers were union members/farmers. One worked in a factory in Iowa the other was IBEW in Jefferson City/Columbia area. My aunt and uncle both work for ABB just outside Jefferson City both IBEW. Two of my cousins in the same area are IBEW, another two work for MoDOT. I have been on both sides of the fence union and non. While working nonunion, Alan signed a card with Sheetmetal Workers Local 2, when the workers at Lake City were trying to get better working conditions.

“From a young age all I wanted was to be a Union member. I had no idea which occupation but a Union member none the less. I've always known that when like minded people get together they are stronger and more loud than any one person by them self. Kind of a squeaky wheel gets the grease thing I guess. Whether it be my upbringing, my education, or a combination of everything else I really am proud to carry my Union card. To be part of something greater than myself, to be part of the American Labor Movement. Like so many before me, not to be fighting just to elevate me and my family but to bring others up as well.”- Alan G.

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